iBilik, a rental property management site, has emphasized the necessity of partitioned rooms for youths and the bottom 40 per cent of earners (B40) who cannot afford entire housing units. Despite recent crackdowns on partitioned rooms, iBilik stated that over six million Malaysians, including tertiary education students and working adults aged 18 to 39, rely on full or partitioned room rentals.

In a recent statement, iBilik acknowledged the justified disciplinary actions against specific cases but highlighted that these actions have contributed to an inaccurate narrative about partitioned rooms as a whole. According to their survey of over 20,000 respondents, more than half have a rental budget between RM300 and RM600 per month, significantly below the lowest median rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in Kuala Lumpur, which is RM1,400.

Contrary to misconceptions, iBilik pointed out that the average partitioned room size is 80 square feet (7.43 square meters). They argue that these smaller and more affordable spaces bridge the gap for those unable to afford entire housing units.

“Our intention has always been to provide affordable, comfortable housing that can accommodate various needs. We want to equip as many people as possible with a safe, convenient, and pleasant living environment regardless of their limited budget," said iBilik co-founder and chief executive Lee Seng Hee.

They emphasized that without room rentals or moderately partitioned rooms, many young individuals with limited budgets would lack suitable housing options.

On their website, iBilik showcased examples of partitioned rooms available for rent in different areas, each providing essential facilities such as furniture, internet, and access to public transportation.

Last week, KPKT Minister Nga Kor Ming announced stern actions against those renting out small and narrow rooms, issuing warnings to those renovating houses without proper permissions. The move followed earlier reports describing rental rooms as "the size of a grave," prompting increased scrutiny on such living arrangements.


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