Rental Management System

SkyWorld Development Group, previously NTP World Forum, is a dynamic project developer specializing in urban transformation. Our collaboration focused on creating a web app primarily for users to book rooms, access tenancy details, publish announcements, and more.


Key Features

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Accessible through web browsers, offer inherent cross-platform compatibility, allowing users to seamlessly access and use the application on any device, whether desktop or mobile.



Integrating diverse functionalities seamlessly into the web app, such as room booking, tenancy details access, and announcement publishing, while ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.


Solution & Result

Employed a modular and scalable design approach to the web app, allowing for the smooth integration of various features without compromising performance.

Implemented robust backend systems and databases to support the complex functionalities, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience for users engaging in room bookings, tenancy information retrieval, and announcement publishing.




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