Innovative Proptech Platform

Property Genie aims to create a paradigm shift in ways that you search, evaluate, transact and see real estate. Connecting homeowners to agents, buyers to sellers, developers to target markets and demand to supply with the information they need.

Property Genie is a fast-growing proptech company revolutionizing the property industry in Malaysia through innovative technology. This platform offers tools and features for property agents and consumers alike, from property analytics and CRM to streamlined property transactions. It also pride on personalized support and guidance for all clients, ensuring informed decision-making.

Key Features

  • Helps user to find suitable property based on accurate filters and coordination.
  • Monthly agent fee subscription feature
  • Develop a management portal for property agent to manage their property listing.
  • Google Map API Integration.





Catering to the unique needs of a real estate portfolio within our software development company's platform, where diverse property specifications and intricate details must be presented effectively.


Solution & Result

Implemented an enhanced portfolio details page specifically designed for real estate listings within our software. This feature allows for the comprehensive display of diverse property specifications, including size, location, amenities, and other relevant details, providing an enriched user experience.


The tailored portfolio details page empowers users to showcase their real estate listings with a focus on key information. The user-friendly interface facilitates efficient navigation and a visually appealing presentation of property details, contributing to an engaging and effective showcase of real estate within our software development platform.


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